Friday, 13 June 2008

The Soiree invite

From: The Headmistress
To: 'Sue Murphy'; 'Elaine Bedell'; 'Lisa Edwards'; 'Tanya Shaw'; 'Smith, Layla'; 'Julie Gardner -Wales Drama'; Alannah Richardson; Deborah O' Connor; 'Tessa Ross'; 'Alex Mahon'; 'Janice Hadlow'; 'Dorothy Byrne'; 'Dominique Walker'
Cc: Liz Warner; 'Lucy Lumsden'
Sent: Sun 13/06/2008 14:56
Subject: The Soiree


I thought it might be fun to hold an evening for girls who work in TV. Everybody is welcome so long as they are female.

No agenda beyond shoes, handbags and a little light gossip. No Tupperware, no sex toys and absolutely no pitching. I suppose for the more serious among us it would be a chance to talk about the work life balance, glass ceilings and the dearth of straight single men in the industry.

I was going to hold the first one at the Headmstress HQ in West London. But if it works we will do future ones somewhere in central London. How does Wednesday July 2nd work for everybody. 7-9??

I will be knocking up a few things for us to eat from Delia's new How To Cheat book, and my husband has kindly offered to serve us drinks whist we relax and chat in the drawing room. He wears a pinnie rather well, you'll be pleased to know.

I can't wait to see you all.

TV's Favourite Headmistress xx

It's been a tough list to draw up, but I think you'll agree I've gone for the absolute pinnacle of ladies who hold positions of power in this male-dominated world of television ruthlesness.

Let me explain a few of my choices to you. First up, I didn't want it to feel like I was just drawing on my contemporaries (who own their own companies, are in direct competition with me to grab commissions, etc). So I've limited those girls to just Liz and Alex. (Alex doesn't really count because she's a numbers girl; Liz and me go back way some, and besides I know she'll be rolling drunk after half an hour so will pose no positive threat to me once the conversations get serious).

Everyone else is a commissioner or a controller, or both. I'm a little worried, however, at how the hard-nosed whisky-drinking Dorothy Byrne will 'blend' with the utterly gorgeous but a little bit delicate Layla from ITV. I have a worry dear readers that those two *won't* see eye to eye on those important things I want us to focus on (shoes, earings, holiday destinations, etc). But so be it. I might just have to pre-brief my old deputy and get her to play the polite go-between, thus to avoid any fracas.


Anonymous said...

I would drop this if I were you....sir.

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