Thursday, 7 February 2008

Have we lost the art of letter writing?

Dear Reader,

From today I am refusing to communicate with commissioning editors via email.

I feel that today's young things can easily press a 'delete' button and 'lose' my precious emails amongst the hundreds of others.

As a nation we've forgotten the pleasure of sending and receiving letters.... the sound of a letter plopping on to the front doormat in the morning, the rush of excitement to decipher the handwriting on the envelope, the tummy-tingling feeling you get when opening it, the sheer joy of holding the paper and nervously scanning the page, absorbing every precious second.

I've decided that the lost art of letter writing should be resurrected. So from today I am launching my new Campaign to "Keep Britain Letter Writing".

I instructed Arthur to stock up on the new G. Lalo range of pearlescent paper, card and envelopes which has a luxurious iridescent sheen, and I penned my first letter to Kev Lygo requesting a humble audience with his great self.

I then wrote to every important commissioning editor in the land and informed them of my plans, inviting them to support me.

Hmmm, thinking about it, perhaps there's a largescale high-impact government funded TV campaign for C4 in this?? I wonder who could front it?

Moi perhaps?


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