Monday, 11 February 2008

Why is television so aggressive?!

I have just finished a late lunch-cum-early-evening-supper with the adorable and totally cute Ben Gale (gosh, I do hope he gets through the first round of Lisa Opie interviews for the big job at Five - we spent hours talking about the shows I could give him over there!).

He's such a soft, gentle -yet rugged- man that I find it hard when he uses such aggressive language when describing the kind of programmes he needs to be commissioning: "noisy", "shouty" la la la...

Why the need to be "shouty" towards the viewer, I ask dear reader? Isn't it enough that after a hard day in the factory, or what have you, when the viewer returns to her provincial home that she then has to contend with television programmes that are literally SHOUTING at her??

I did my very best to tell Ben G that if he takes the helm at Five then together we can pioneer a totally new branch of television that is much more therapeutic and gentle. That does not bombard the viewer with hammers and sickles. That we gently welcome the hard-working, tired, downtrodden viewer into our world with positive, gentle and totally warm energy.

PS Ben said that if he gets the Five job, he'll move over to wearing contacts. I laughed! No Ben, I said, gently tapping his ankle with my new Marc Jacobs heels, no. It's your glasses that make you approachable yet have the aura of a strong lion...


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Anonymous said...

Those shoes are really, really ugly.