Friday, 1 February 2008

POEM 4: Ideas, prey Ideas

If you are like me, dear readers, you will have realised long ago that true creativity and genius cannot be bottled or bought. The midas touch is something delicate and mysterious.... and so I was inspired this morning - whilst baking Nigella's fab cheesecaklets for breakfast - to share this insight with you of what I feel about the magic of creativity.

Hope you enjoy

Light up my brain
For I am tired and shorn
Where does my inspiration really come from?
How can I feel what I need right now?

I hear a whisper in the sullen darkness
I fear it at first, but then I enter in
and listen intensly.

It is more than a heartbeat
It is more than a stroke of the cane
I feel overblown and flush
An idea is becoming...

And suddenly I am ready to face the world again
Face my children who I nurture through the creative pain
of not having enough ideas when the meetings come thick and very fast

But I feed my children with all the ideas they now need
and I can rest safe and well,
and cycle back off into the deep blue distant sunset

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