Friday, 8 February 2008

Hiring a new Number2

Nearly two whole weeks have passed dear reader since I shed tears when my deputy girl decided to become 'poacher turned gamekeeper' (as my Dorset organic butcher might say in his cute, honourable and honest local accent!).

Since then I've not let anyone touch her office. I don't want to see her Ant and Dec-signed photo taken from the wall. I don't want anyone to touch her specially-knitted-by-me charcoal grey mitten gloves.

It is fair to say dear readers that I am in a time of deep mourning. My most pressing concern is that I need to hire a new deputy. Whether this could be a boy or a girl I'm yet uncertain of.

I have heard Alan Brown, ex-BBC, is cheap and available. Plus, being northern and into soccer, perhaps he can add an extra dynamic?

This dilemma reminds me of a poem by Keats. In Ode to Psyche I see a piece of work indicative of Keats's often neglected or misinterpreted take on gender politics.

When I set my company up, I wanted it to feel warm and feminine and soft and gentle. Can a male deputy girl really fulfil that remit, especially given the time I have to be away from my desk doing other important things like writing memoirs, editing new poetry anthologies, or presenting romantic television journals?

As always dear reader, I am partly dependent upon you for help, inspiration and guidance.

What do you think a girl like me should I do?? x

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