Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Saving the country's pregnant teens

My teenage daughter (from a previous marriage - a long story, best not talked about on here) dragged me to see that film Juno in the cinema last night.

How dreadful!!

I simply cannot believe our teenagers (some in the audience I saw were barely children themselves) are watching films about under-age pregancy and adoption.

These complicated grown up issues are not being given any debate whatsoever on our TV screens, and I personally think this is wrong.

As I sat in the dark auditorium, listening to the dreadful music soundtrack, I started to wonder how we could enagage young people about sexual health issues.

Then inspiration struck: Why don't we have a national Teen Abortion Day??!

E4 would bite my hand off for this idea.... we assemble all the underage pregnant teens in Harley Street under the watchful eye of their parents, and then film them before and after they have a termination, to document how they feel.

I know it is hard hitting dear reader, but not all of my TV ideas are fluffy and throwaway property shows, you know.


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Anonymous said...

what, no mention of hippy parental abuse?