Monday, 4 February 2008

Letting my dear children go...

One of the things dear readers that I find so tough and so heartbreaking about my job is releasing my cherished freelance staff from their flexible contracts when their time is up.

This morning, my adorable head of production Helena informed me that I needed to make a decision about the future of Anna, a super bright mid-twenties assistant producer who has been in my protective arms for the past three weeks, working up my new ideas.

Anna has been a total star: her smile has often been the first thing that has greeted me in the morning, often after a fraught drive across town; Her enthusiasm on the odd occasions when I've had her sat in my office, going over her programme proposal drafts with my Prada red pen; Not to mention her willingness to stay late into the night and call American west-coast leg surgeons to see if they would take part in my idea about curing varicose veins.

But I think that Anna needs more than I can give her right now. It pains me to think this, but Anna should go off elsewhere and challenge herself in a slightly different environment.

Plus, I have no more of that £10K that Meredith kindly gave me to look into the varicose vein project left to spend.

Dear reader, I am not in the least bit looking forward to telling Anna that as from tomorrow she has no need to come into these offices.

I will try to inspire her to feel free and full of self-belief. That far from assuming she will spend the next few weeks struggling to pay her rent and watching Neighbours on Five, actually this opportunity is her big chance to branch out and prove to herself again that yes she is WORTH something! Yes that she is LOVED!!

I have the feeling that this latest rejection will be the making of Anna. And I am so, so proud that I have the chance to help her achieve this by letting her go.

Dear reader I feel a whole lot better about the situation now I've shared myself and this slight agony with you.

Thank you for reading me xx

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