Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Back at work blues

I had to wear sunglasses today when I arrived at the office just after 11.

Two days ago, dear reader, I landed back at London Airport (don't you just yearn back to the days when airline travel was far more glamourous than it is today... that is why I like to refer to Heathrow by it's proper name - 'London Airport')

My three and a half weeks in St Lucia passed without any complaint. Juggling four kids and a demanding husband at home is one thing, but on holiday it can be a complete nightmare if you let it overwhelm you. Luckily we took along Magda, my lovely nineteen year old Polish aupair, who kept the kids out of my hair.


It is so refreshing and reinvigorating to take your second winter break just at the start of January I feel. Don't you agree dear readers? In consultation with my raki healer last year, we decided that the optimum months for my family to enjoy our four-holidays-a-year schedule would be January, April, late July (partly because of the school holidays) and of course November (the most horrible, horrible month to be in London!)

So much to do already dear readers... I have a pile of 12 proposals on my desk to mark (Sigh, most likely littered with dreadful spelling mistakes) and Marsha, my deputy Headmistress, has told me we have a meeting lined up with Julian in February.

February?! I screached at Marsha (poor girl, I know it isn't her fault).

Apparently this is the earliest Julian can see me. How shocking! I have an incredible new inspirational idea that I came up with on the beach called Teaching Kids to Talk Propa (a linguistic transformational documentary series giving the nation's most deprived council-estate kids elocution lessons)

But perhaps if Julian is going to treat me this way I should take it to someone at ITV instead??

What do you think dear readers?


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