Friday, 11 January 2008

6 New Year Resolutions

As you know dear reader I'm never one for following tradition, but during my invigorating Pilates session with Graham today he asked me what my new year resolutions were, and seemed terribly dissapointed when I said I didn't have any.

So I have decided to make six personal pledges to myself this year, and try and to stick to them.

Resolution 1 - Healthy New Me
Next week I'm having Jamie and Jules round for dinner (she still wants to do an interior design show!!) and this might be the perfect time to get his help. I want him to style me a new diet, plant me my own herb garden, de-clutter my fridge and teach me how to blanch vegetables correctly.

Resolution 2 - Wealthy New Me
I was offended to hear that Lauraine Heggessey wants to swallow me back up into Talkback's comfy bosom. How dare she? Who does she think I am? I'm not some minnow of an indie who is 'on the market'. Personally I have my own eye on a couple of niche indies this year...

Resolution 3 - Wise new me
Embrace other people's ideas in development meetings more.

Resolution 4 - Sexy New Me
Every year I grow older, but that should not stop me from feeling sexy inside. This is a young woman's industry and I'm competing against the likes of Camilla Lewis - and at the other end of the scale Lisa Opie - in the glamour stakes. Must learn to become more forthcoming and show off my prize assets -legs, calves, hair, lips etc

Resolution 5 - Stubborn New Me
Must put my foot down more often. I cannot let the likes of Arthur or Marsha dictate to me what my ideas should be about. I'm the one who set up this company not them! I've got to have a stronger inner belief in myself when faced with their negativity and cynicism.

Resolution 6 - Hire Steven D. Wright
Sadly I have realised that I've got no-one in my company who can do down-at-heel entertainment like the way he can. I know he is expensive, over-rated and obnoxious but needs must in the lean years ahead.


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