Monday, 7 January 2008

My 1st new book deal of the year

You'll never believe this dear readers - how exciting! I had literally just finished writing up an article for Condé Nast about the pros and cons of holidaying with my au pair, when I had a call from my agent Simon asking me whether I was interested in penning a book about.... wait for it....the television industry!!

I've got a butterfly tum-tum and a tingle just thinking about it...

Aparently my poem anthologies have gone down so well (outselling Richard Branson's autobiography in the Netherlands, topping the charts in Macedonia over the Christmas period) that my UK publishers want a book of original romantic poems written by moi (!) documenting my incredibly busy and fulfilling life working in television over the next coming 6 months.

They're interested in the softer human face of the industry, the struggles of a full-time working mum of four in a male dominated workplace, and of course all the fabulous ideas I pitch.

Their working title is, simply: 51 TV Love Poems from TV's favourite Headmistress.

Isn't it wonderful dear readers? What an honour, not to mention an important responsibility as one of the biggest names in TV to document for the first time what's truly involved running my own free-range, organic-led carbon neutral production company. TV magic doesn't just happen, you know, it takes hours and hours of hard work.

Not only am I an icon and creative Ambassador for lots of young girls in the country, but I'll have a remarkable opportunity to highlight the daily struggle that women have balancing the stresses of work alongside leading fullfilling lives.

How thrillingly challenging. I can't wait.

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