Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Pitching to the TVC

I spotted TVC way back when he was just a young commissioning editor running the C4 documentary department.

Now, as you may recall dear readers, I'd never ever produced anything for that department before, so I decided to embark on an incredibly productive six month 'wooing' period where I let him wine, dine and flatter me in some of the capital's trendiest restaurants. (I even helped matchmake him, but that's quite a different story!)

I pride myself on my talent spotting abilities and four years on, as I rightly predicted, this young bright thing is running his own channel for real. The trouble is that I'm not entirely sure whether I want to be that closely associated with him anymore.

It isn't because his new channel re-launch is too young and 'itchy' for me (bleaurgh! Don't you just hate that expression of his?!) - no, I just feel instinctively within myself that in 12 months the ever heavily-rotating door to his grand controller's office might be swung into action again.

Dear readers - let me let you into a harsh truth of the struggling independent production community. It often takes up to two years to get one of my fabulous, changing-the-world-type programme formats from idea to television screen for you to sit and enjoy.

That means for me and my fledgling young start-up, I have to invest carefully on who I let commission my fabulous ideas.

Is it worth taking my prize jewel ideas to the weakened TVC? Who else is 'hot' right now???

You watch TV - you tell me dear readers...

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