Friday, 25 January 2008

The top 5 people on my TV Radar

Don't you find that in the hurly-burly of modern-day life (juggling motherhood, presenting television shows, running a successful business and writing books - and blogs!) it's sometimes too daunting to remember what you need to achieve from the day? I know I do, so here is one of the many lists I've managed to get down on paper this morning to help concentrate the mind.

It's a list of who I want to commission the many exciting and world-changing television programmes I will come up with this year!

1. Ralph Lee
He absolutely loved the poem I wrote about him (I had one of my office junior-types hand-write it up on beautiful Vergé de France lime paper from G. Lalo of Paris and hand-deliver it to him last Wednesday - nice to see the girl's degree in Fine Art has finally come into use here at Wild Flower!).

Ralph has at last shown he is capable of handling a top job, and it's vital he knows he can turn to me for support and inspiration as he boldly plots the future of the channel that is now simply known as "Five" (he has also taken to wearing the most gorgeous brogues I've ever seen on a man in television. Gosh!)

2. Jay Hunt
Jay is a fabulous woman who I am really rooting for once she's back at Television Centre where she rightly belongs running BBC1. I told her that she should never have emigrated to Long Acre in the first place to work at that horrid place, but thankfully all has turned out well for her. I cannot wait to resume our lovely lunches in W12.

3. Meredith Chambers
I've already made my concerns about Meredith's sexuality well known to my friends in the industry, and after Secret Millionaire it is absolutely imperative that he starts treating me more seriously, irrespective of whether he finds me "sexually challenging" or not.

4. Zai Bennett
Whenever I bump into Zai I just want to mother him!! I think he has some very bright ideas and I don't see him running ITV2 for very much longer. Therefore I want to be right there beside him so that he knows that he can turn to me as soon as he gets to run a proper channel.

5. Martin Davidson
I felt for Marty so much during that horrible Queen fiasco last year when he was dragged into the mire thanks to other people's incompetence. He and his wife Janice are such lovely company for supper - we go back aeons when I worked with Janice in the BBC Arts department in the late eighties. Marty is a vunerable puppy at the best of times, and I know he felt like he'd had the life beaten out of him during that traumatic time.

I want Marty to know that I am thinking of him, and especially thinking up some exciting history-based formats to help change his fortunes.

I love how my inspiring TV formats have become like little precious gifts to commissioning editors who have fallen on hard times. They have the power to boost audience share, and transform careers (just ask Ben Frow), and I like to think of them as old fashioned sweeties, called Headmistress Pick Me Ups For Bad Times.


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