Monday, 14 January 2008

Prepping for Julian

Next month the darling Julian will be arriving for a one-hour 'chat' with my team and I to outline what he's looking for in 2009/2010.

It is my first chance of the year to inspire him and show off the fabulous new shows I have in my development larder - my stock of organic new formats, the homemade series and educational entertainment stunts that I have been cooking up for some time now (the channel is still very much obsessed by food, so I'm on safe ground here!)

But what should I wear to this important meeting dear lady readers? Please help.... I was thinking about either something from the dilectable Maruyama Keita or is there time to get something from my favourite cutting edge London-based Italian-German-Welsh design concept Unrath Strano.

Maybe I should go in humble with a simple (but yet sexy) off-the-shoulder Cashmere jumper from Ben de Lisi?? I'm sure Julian would like to see me in that...

How incredibly tummy churningly exciting!

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