Thursday, 24 January 2008

POEM 3: Beautiful Bald Men in TV

I was walking out of Network Centre today, past a rather large poster of Simon Shaps in reception, when inspiration struck for poem number 3 of my collection of 51 TV love poems.

It is dedicated to all the fearless men who refuse to bow to pressure and wear a fake top rug. Ladies, bald is beautiful, remember that!

To My Beautiful Bald Men
Baldy Shapsy
Billiard Balls a-plenty
Baldy Hincksy
two dozen shiny speckled eggs
Baldy men in TV
I want to shine you
Baldy Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Baldy going where no hairy person can
straight to my heart
Baldy men in TV
like a flock of shaved goose heads
Baldy men in TV
Let me shine you


1 comment:

wschroeder98 said...

Nice poem. So, what publishing house are you working with on this project?